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Desbie.com, is a personal site that is owned by a Mobile Technician, Desbie is the name of the son of a father and mother: Mukhlis Abie Irawan / Dwi Lestari, so in essence the name of this site is taken from the name of our children that we give the full name: Desbieta Rintan.

Desbie.com & isp-cell.com, belongs to us all, and so we loaded content on the site also has two, About Idea / The same solution, which is discussed about the damage the phone, from mobile phones to the latest old school class of molasses-cengpo up to the top, all we discuss about solution between the two sites over which we will make public book to publish a content / mobile solutions.

Desbie.com, has several categories of which is ‘Mobile Hardware-Software Solution Mobile Solution’ and probably many more kontenya will we fit here, so it requires an additional category to put a title other content that will come, but kususnya, will we fit here All about Mobile Without exception.

Desbie.com, Content will we fit in desbie.com is Original content, the results from our ideas as a technician, so there’s no such thing as copy paste content from other sites, because we also know that such a TOS violation, so we will not violated in other words, we will present the content to visitors of this site Original our own work, as the Indonesian people we will always work alone and maintain the State’s good and dignified, will not carelessly in presenting content in need of visitors.

Desbie.com, We created this site on 01 / June / 2014, and mungkain so, on that day by chance we had the idea to create a site from the name of our first daughter: Desbieta Rintan, and to materialize this time.

Desbie.com, We as owners of site visitors are unequivocally prohibited load the page in Debie.com leave comments Violate TOS / our policy. As the Indonesian People, Let budayakan Ethics, along Kids Create nation becomes better and dignified.

Desbie.com, we also provide the Contact page, if you have any questions about the phone / solution please contact us Via page Contact Desbie, you also enjoined clicking our criticism if there is one content inaccurate / not easy to understand, so that we will continue to learn to work better and then we can provide better and accurate content.

Disbie.com & Isp-cell.com using permium Domain plus hosting, so we expect for those who want the two sites running our continued support and so on. Thank you: D