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Advan S5e Rom Tested – Good morning all the friends, back again share for friends all, this time we will share Rom, as we have done the other day, flashing Advan S5E download many times but the result is nil, and finally we take or backups of data from normal S5E mobile phone, because we do not want to take a headache, and from our experience above make us be thinking it would be nice if Rom that has been tested I share for the friends of all who need, so that feeling tired that I feel not all feel at the time want to flashing S5E mobile phone, tired because the download many times not done as well.

Flash way must already know no need to explain again, use flash tool Version 5, because yesterday we also use Flash tool Version 5, one night we are looking for and download the file no one tested its morning new kelar S5E case thanks to Rom this. the following Stock Rom sightings Via Flash tool.

tested rom Advan S5e

sighting rom Advan S5e

Well just downloaded the following Stock Rom: Rom Tested Advan S5E

Flashing let it all checked if userdata has not been automatically loaded into flash tool load manually yes boss, and then download only click download, leave unchecked all, if necessary in format only format if not yes no direct flash problem. if you want to format choose a whole flash format do not select the whole flash format except Bootloader, okay, and wait until the flashing process is finished bro, Rom is there password please you open first firmware after you download then you will find notepad and please open notepad then that’s where we put the password.
if any further questions please leave a comment below.

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