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Download Firmware OPPO Find Clover R815 To your user / owner Oppo Find Clover R815 are experiencing problems in the software described here, we will provide the Firmware Oppo Find Clover R815, so you can use the Oppo Find Clover R815 you back.

Review Frimware Oppo Find Clover R815

The addition of features to set the ring tone for each contact.
The addition of features to adjust the volume of the alarm ring tone.
Optimizing display phone activation guide.
Optimizing the operator display.
Solve problems other app camera preview effect is very different photo effects.
Solve problems .apk files imported via MTP unrecognizable.
Solve problems message only displays the date without the time.
Solve problems in .ts format video can not be played.
Software Version:
Release Date / manufacture firmware: 2013-08-26

Download  link here: Firmware Oppo Find Clover R815 

here Tutorial Install Oppo: Tutorial Install Firmware Oppo

Firmware OPPO Find Clover R815

Download Firmware OPPO Find Clover R815


Renewal / re-install the software on the Oppo Find Clover R815 will remove all the contents of the existing data on your Oppo, so you try before doing the update / reinstall your Oppo backup all existing data on the Oppo Find your R815 Clover.
Because After you perform software updates Clover On Oppo Find R815 you will go back to normal / like new bought from the store, if you do not backup data on the Oppo Find Clover R815 you get ready to lose data on the Oppo Find Clover your R815.




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