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Asiafone: Af9880 Hard Reset

6882 Views How do Facktory reset Af9880 Android phone, if your phone using patterns, and often make mistakes pattern, then the best way to fix this is to do a hard reset, However, this method causes data loss, all existing data in your phone will be lost Af9880 total, so that your phone be like when they just opened the box.

This method also can improve your android phone that can not live up to open the menu loading, or simply remove the logo Asiafone course, you can make improvements using the following method.

Hard Reset Af9880 Android

1. press the volume up / on and on / off buttons simultaneously to perform a hard reset as shown below.

af9880 facktory reset

af9880 hard reset 1

2. After you‘ve been in the android logo exclamation mark then you go back press the on / off button to continue the hard reset / facktory reset.

hard reset af9880 1

af9880 hard reset 2

3. then you will be brought to the option to do a factory reset, please select wipe data / facktory resetoption No. 5 five from top to bottom, and press the volume up / above to proceed facktory reset, the following is an example of the drawing.

af9880 reset

af9880 hard reset 3

4. The next you select again yes delete all user data isand press the volume button up / above to proceed facktory reset, please wait for it to finish, once completed you will automatically be taken to the original option, to further live pressreboot system now .

reset data af9880

af9880 hard reset 4

good luck hopefully the above can help you all.

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