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How to Hard Reset Mito T77 How to fix Mito T77 Forgot pattern, because often include a pattern that is not valid, so Mito Tablet you can not use back before you do a Hard Reset your T77 Mito, If you already know how to hard reset mito T77, if you do not know how to do it, here we will give you a complete solution for you, at the same tutorial you learn so easily.

currently we do not have to be given lessons so confusing and sometimes not included in your mind, and therefore to facilitate your lesson we simultaneously provide schemanya, so as not to difficult and direct entry in your common sense.

Okay you just follow the ways in which we present below.

1. Press the Volume Up / upper & Power buttons simultaneously, until the menu option to continue the hard reset.

2. After you‘ve been in the options menu that contains Recovery’ fastboot’ Normal’, there are three choices, please select click on the second part, namely (fastboot) click Volume down / down to move on, and then you click (Recovery) scroll to recovery using the volume up / top and press Volume down / bottom to proceed to hard reset menu, following the example image.


click Recovery

3. Then, after you successfully suppress Recovery, automatically you will encounter the Android Logo exclamation point, and there is reading No command, to continue the hard reset menu to please you press the onoff / power.

android peringatan

Mito T77 Android !.

4. after that you will be brought to a hard reset menu in the menu there are 8 Eight choice and please you select Wipe Data / Factory scroll down using the volume button down / down to hard reset and then click tobmol Volume up / up to to menu next.

facktory reset t77

mito t77 wipe data/facktory reset

5. please select click Yes Delete All User Datato complete the hard reset, by pressing the Volume up / top, wait until the process is complete and will automatically return to the previous menu.

user data t77

mito t77 yes-delete all user data

6. Click Reboot system nowMito T77 you will live alone and open the menu.

t77 reboot

T77 Reboot system now

all the process is complete, step by step hard reset your already passed, now Mito T77 you can use right again, but remember in the hard reset is all the data that is in your Android tablet will disappear all.

BBM contacts Phone contacts sms lost all, Android Mito you back to normal at the time you’ve bought from the store. good luck good luck.


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