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How to Hard Reset Oppo Joy R1001

How to hard reset oppo r1001 joy, a complete guide to fix the problem on Oppo joy r1001.

How to Fix the Oppo Joy R1001 Hang

Oppo you have a hang, the touchscreen does not work on the software because of oppo r1001 is in trouble, these problems can happen because you are too much to install the application or game, so timbulah these problems, the problems that have occurred can be repaired using a hard reset or reinstall your firmware r1001 oppo joy.

How To refine Oppo Joy r1001 Forgot pattern or password

For users of oppo joy r1001 who experience problems in pattern / too many enter the wrong pattern so that your joy Oppo blocked pattern, so you can not use your oppo r1001 joy back, you can fix these problems using how to hard reset.

Okay we just headed to the solution of problems Oppo Joy r1001 which we mentioned above, the following instructions step by step or hard reset Oppo joy r1001 Via button Hardware.

1. Press and hold the power button and volume down, wait a few minutes until you issue a joy Oppo command posts “Recovery Mode” in the bottom left corner Oppo your joy, then press the volume down button once oppo joy that you issue a command to select a language, please select the language “English” option by pressing the power button, though good for the next step as shown below. contract mobile phones

oppo joy bahasa indonesia

select a language oppo joy

2. After you select the language you will automatically be brought to the Popup option Wipe data / facktory reset, then you should select “Wipe Data and cache” and press the power button one time to choose, here’s how to do a hard reset as shown below.

facktory reset oppo joy

Oppo joy wipe data and cache

3. Next you will be taken to a popup that has three choices of which is “Wipe Data and cache” “wipe data” “wipe cache”, now please select “Wipe Data and caches” using the power button to resume, following the example image .

facktory default oppo joy

select wipe data and cache

4. you choose to continue by pressing the power button, you will automatically be brought to the Popup option “Yes / no” to the hard reset then you should choose the option Yes and press the power button as shown below.

hard reset oppo joy r1001

select yes hard reset oppo joy


You do a hard reset with joy Oppo your r1001, all applications / important data in oppo your joy will be lost or erased, so our advice if you still can Oppo joy in oprasikan, it helps you make backups of your data is Oppo Joy R1001 first .

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