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Tutorial All iPhone Forget PassCodes solutions Make you iPhone users who have problems of your iPhone passcodes, here we will give a full tutorial for fix these problems, here we discuss only for iphone that had problems with the password code / passcodes not forget id apple, another case that we do not forget the apple id to know the solution of the problem, which is obviously a good possibility that you must forget your apple id do is iCloud remover / perform deletion iCloud account and create a new apple id, if your iPhone is still linked with the previous apple id.

As we mentioned above we will only give a solution of the Lost iPhone passcodes not forget id apple. Okay we just go to the tutorial iphone solutions forget passcodes.

Factory Default iPhone

You have to do a Factory Defaults your iPhone so that a blocked iphone passcode can be lost and you can use your iphone back, this way in addition to eliminating the iPhone passcodes there are also simultaneously updating iOS / iPhone Software you to the most recent version.

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1. prepare iTunes for your iPhone passcodes corrective measures using iTunes, if the PC / laptop you have not installed iTunes aplkasi please first download iTunes and install it on your PC / laptop following download link iTunes: iTunes

2. Prepare your iPhone as USB to connect the iPhone to PC / Laptop require a USB.

3. Once all the equipment needed to repair your iPhone is complete, you simply plug the USB into your iPhone and then connect the USB to PC / laptop, and open your iTunes application already installed on your PC desktop / laptop, then you press and hold the button Power & Home is in your iPhone so you can connect your iPhone to iTunes a few seconds until your iPhone issued Logo USB connected to iTunes, the following is an example of the USB logo image that is connected to iTunes:


iphone lupa passcodes

iphone factory default forget passcodes

4. Wait for the iPhone is connected to iTunes until iTunes tells you to restore your device, if it had come out of recovery please click restore the iPhone as an example in the following figure:

pilihkan iphone

passcode iphone restore

5. Wait a few seconds longer because iTunes will contact the server your iPhone, until the column Restore & Renew, & please click the restore and update, following the example picture:

iphone 5s factory default

facktory default iphone 4s

6. later you will be brought to the iPhone version of your reviews and you just click Next, the following is an example of an image:

hard reset iphone

click continue

7 steps to go you will automatically be brought to the Privacy Apple just you click agree, following the example picture:

privasi apple

click yes

8. iTunes automatically download the software your iPhone, wait until the download process is complete do not disconnect your Internet connection, Mindless process requires a fast internet connection in order to process the download shortly, following the example of reform:

pembaruan perangkat lunak iphone

renewal iphone

9. When the download is complete please turn off your iPhone and then you press the Power button and Home to eject usb logo as instructions above, then after your iPhone is connected to iTunes automatically iTunes tells you to restore your device back, please press the restore , and the iPhone will restart by itself to update the software and return to the factory default wait until the process is completed your iPhone life itself and iphone tells you to connect to the network Cellular / WiFi and tell you to enter your Apple ID.

How to unlock iPhone passcodes can only be done as above instructions or offline manner, because some time ago I downloaded the Firmware iphone / IPSW so that we can update the software in Offline but could not, possibly because the iPhone already in its Block passcodes, in karenkan the iPhone owners forget passcodes, so to fix the iPhone is one with his Block passcodes you have to fix it online directly from iTunes and you should have a fast internet connection that does not fail / break up in the middle of the road. Good luck!


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