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Lenovo A316i Insert Dual Sim Card Problem – For Lenovo users who had problems with Dual Sim Card Lenovo A316i here we will provide a solution or a complete path Lenovo A316i Dual sim card of your Android Smartphone, Dual sim card problem on this Android smartphone phone is not in thought, and did not know also why Lenovo A316i suddenly asked us to put the sim card when sim card already installed, what problems may exist in the connector Dual sim card? Or in lane Dual Sim card connector Lenovo A316i, let us know the point of the existing problems in Lenovo A316i, Lenovo A316i insert sim card, Lenovo A316i Dual sim card problem, Lenovo A316i dual sim card solutions.

How to fix the connector Dual Sim card Lenovo A316i

Perhaps for dual sim card connector Lenovo A316i no words to be repaired, but if we want a dual sim card connector Lenovo A316i can be fixed, by replacing the dual sim card connector leg fracture that serves to menghubukan to sim sim card with foot card in other phones that are not used anymore, or if you have other Lenovo A316i phones already can not be fixed and dual sim card connector is still good to have you move to a dual sim card connector is problematic, if you can not fix it by means of the above then please buy dual sim card connector Lenovo A316i new, do the replacement of dual sim card connector properly, unplug the problematic dual sim card using a blower, you just off the top of the connector from the blower via dual sim card, no need from the bottom of the PCB Lenovo A316i, because they want in exchange for not repaired, if you want to keep the dual sim card connector is problematic then please off by means of a blower under the PCB and point the blower right eye in a dual sim card connector is located. Then to install dual sim card konekor Lenovo A316i you no longer need to use a blower, simply use any soldering tin legs then you give dual sim card connector and plug in a dual sim card connector Lenovo A316i located.

How to fix the sim card Dual Path breaking Lenovo A316i

Suitable way to fix the break up lines that do jumpers, first you do check out the voltage at the connector sim card, if you do check the path and then there is a one-lane dual sim card is not issued voltage, then please do jumpers lane to lane which still working voltage Dual sim card, to facilitate you please open the following schema we made this.

Lenovo A316i insert dual sim card problems

Lenovo A316i dual sim card solutions

In the schema is already contained the complete path dual sim card, and we have given signs that still produce voltage lines, and you just follow the step-by-step path we present the above then you do jumpers, so that the path does not issue a working voltage of dual sim card in advance, can issue a working voltage of dual sim card back. Good luck hopefully can help you, we still have a lot of Schema Lenovo A316i for other problems please forward back next article about mobile solutions Lenovo A316i Android Smartphone.



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