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Mito T-720 Charging Problem How to improve Android Mito China T720 Charging problem, How often do you get a problem like this? Is it very often, if you are here in our place very often get Client Tablet T720 mito not charging, because here quite a lot of people who use this China phone Android tablet, and so are complaints that in find that on its charging connector is problematic.

For those who have dropped out permasalaha the T720 phone lines you can see the path Charging Charging full below, in addition we provide the charging path mito Schema T720, we will also discuss how to install this T720 mito Charging connector.

For you who have never replace the charging connector mito Tablet T720 is a good idea to read / follow the way that we will convey through this article, it is important for those of you who just want to first replace T720 Charging connector.

The first one, please open all the bone screws in the mobile phone, then go to the bone on the phone, then you loose also 2 two existing bolts on the bottom and loose Buzzer also 2 two screws in the PCB layout Charging connector, after you 4 finished removing the four screws on the bottom at the Buzzer and Charging connector on the PCB.

mito t720

how to complete last Casing Mito T720

Then you loose the buzzer under & Flexible connector between the PCB and PCB connectors Charging machine plus Mic & vibrator, loose flexyble that in solder on the PCB connector Charging alone, separated using Solder, be careful not to flexyble is faulty, then you loose the PCB charging from the place.

After all stages of flexible bolt release and PCB connectors charging is finished, now when you step up to the release of her Charging connector, please unplug the T720 mobile phone charging using a blower, try unplugging it from the bottom of the PCB charging, focus / blower point your eyes Charging into the connector, if tin is ripe, you just lift charging connector using tweezers.


jalur usb mito t720

line Usb Charging Mito T720 full

Prepare a new charging connector, please give advance tin legs charging connector so that you can install it easily, and further to the installation phase Charging connector, put the proper charging connector on the PCB layout konetor charging, then you plug the use of a blower under the PCB do not forget the focus point to the charging connector, after the tin is ripe, you just slide the slidingpoint to the right position on the footprints of the existing connector on the PCB.

If the charging connector legs in PCB damaged / broken, you can make jumpers as Schema we provide above, may in this way be able to tackle the problem on the phone Charging mito T720, good luck, if not successful, please continue to learn and look at solutions which we write here.


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