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Mito Tablet T720 On-Off solutions How to fix Mito T720 Android Tablet troubled at his on-off, onoff-on because of a short-circuit to Gnd directly, so the phone when it’s in pairs battery without in press Already living alone, so do not be in the off right, for example, the phone is alive and in the press off the phone do not want to die, because of the problems in the on-off track positive and negative fused / attached, so it‘s natural that mobile phone batteries in pairs to life.

If the fair blackberry phone battery installed directly life because by nature so, but if china phone nokia and samsung mobile phone batteries in pairs to life means the on-off mobile phones are short so live life, okay we just continued to how improvements the T720 mobile phone, the following are its Schema:

t720 on off solutions

mito tablet t720 on

Inside there Schema Schema Layout Capacitor On-off Mito T720 you should throw away / remove, Capacitor you need to remove the existing 2 two seed, in the column that we Dadai red color and we let the arrow, there is a second chance Capacitor and Capacitor our own waste, so for example you have a problem like this, you simply use the method above.

The problem is, the problem of non-jalaur onoff-on-off problem is, when you find a problem that does not look like the above, you should not use the above solutions, it is likely that only onoff problem is not just a band or even Capacitor her, good luck good luck.


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