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How to Last Casing iPhone 5S 16GB

3602 Views Create your longer require removing casing 16GB iPhone 5S here we will provide a practical way, not the problem may or may not remove the casing, rather than mistaken better-looking way in advance instead.

It’s an expensive mobile phone, so it should not be the origin of such advanced mobile lepas.juga this place was hidden bolt, to use your term puzzle, if we are wrong doing the puzzle we automatically get the risk.
Okay we just started to stage the release of the iPhone 5S 16GB casing, unnecessary length berbicarasekarang time work.

1. On the iPhone 5S turn your back, then behind a cover bolt, bolt cover lies there under and above, please you off slowly using a sharp crankcase / can also use other tools that allow the cover bolts are not deer / blisters, then under the cover bolts which we have mentioned, there are 4 screws that you need to escape in order to continue the release of the casing, the following example schema / layout of the cover and screws.


iphone 5 lepass casing

Last 4 building iphone 5S

2. After 4 bolt rear is finished you off, it’s time to do the release of casing / bone, removing the casing / yitu bone from the front, did release the casing using your fingernail, as fingernails will be safe and will not scratch in casing, as long as you do it slowly, insert your fingernail on the sidelines between the casing and the touchscreen, then scroll down and spun using your fingernails to the casing / off the bone, the following example.

lepas casing iphone depan

iPhone 5s 16gb casing

3. that to last, way off the PCB iPhone 5S 16GB, 16GB In PCB iPhone 5S there are 5 bolts, the bolts loose please, to remove the battery, you are in the need to remove the battery cables that were solder on the PCB, do the release of flexible from its socket, there are four flexible that you must escape them are, flexible Camera iPhone 5S 16GB, flexible touchscreen, flexible volume, flexible USB Charging and that is at the bottom of which the PCB buzzer mic back button, by removing all that we recommend, then you can remove the PCB from its place, following his example schema.

pcb iphone 5s 16gb

last PCB iPhone 5s 16GB

Good luck, if you have questions about deliverance casing 16 GB iPhone 5S this further please contact us / leave a comment below.

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