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iPhone 5S 16GB Buzzer Solution


iPhone 5S 16GB Ringer problem, if you‘ve got a problem so, may still rarely yes that get the client to bring the iPhone 5S 16GB problems, there just is not too much, because this phone is rarely damaged.

For you who need solutions 16GB iPhone 5S buzzer not working / not issued a ringing tone, we will provide a way to fix it for you, okay with it.

Problems ringer on the iPhone 5S 16GB, there are two positive factors that the iPhone 5 has not issued a ringtone, can occur because the main factor buzzer damaged, and that the two can also occur because the line broke.

When the buzzer is broken, you can fix by finding, part buzzer cable which broke that must reconnect, you lazy repair one example, you can replace it with a new buzzer.

After a 16 GB iPhone 5S you replace the buzzer did not sound too, perhaps because the buzzer track up / down felxible iPhone 5s 16GB / the way to the buzzer damaged / broken, you can download a jumper using the following method.


jalur buzzer

Schema line buzzer iPhone 5s 16GB

Schema above is the path buzzer, it’s worth before you do the jumper lines, do it first checks whether the use of multi tester min track dropouts / track plus, by way of checking Via multi tester then you can find one that broke buzzer path between the two lines, if only one path that broke up / breaking even both.


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