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7 Advantages of SmartPhone BlackBerry Q10 – We all know that the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone is booming especially because this phone is the first smartphone that has a physical keyboard. It is almost the same as the BlackBerry-type output in the previous year. But this time, he combines some of the advantages of other smartphone makes it so much more elegant design, slim and supported by the latest operating systems are more sophisticated now.

As we know that yesterday was released alongside Smartphone Q10 with BlackBerry Z10, but the smartphone has features that are very different and very striking. The first difference is of touchscreen facility, but the excess of Q10 is better made into a full touchscreen display and use the qwerty keyboard is standard as well as usual. Q10 Why make such a manner? Because they know that the mobile users are more comfortable when typing using the keyboard on the touchscreen. Because the problem is not elegant, but the ease of use it’s own so as to facilitate the use of smartphones in carrying out their daily lives.

BlackBerry Q10 full specification

7 Advantages BlackBerry Q10

Well, let’s discuss 7 Excess BlackBerry Q10 is compared with other smartphones

  1. The design is very elegant and also has a user-friendly keyboard that allows users in typing something like a short message.
  2. Running of the application itself faster than the BlackBerry Z10, and it gives comfort to play and use existing applications.
  3. The size of the screen is super thin at only 10.35mm if we want to compare it with the type of BlackBerry Dakota 9900.
  4. The screen with a very elegant design that produces the output image is very clear and very easy to use and be seen despite being under the sun that sometimes blinding our eyes when using a Smartphone.
  5. The screen has the added value that comes with a 3.1 inch AMOLED and also has a density of 330 ppi.
  6. Rear Camera wins hands down if you want to be compared with the Z10.
  7. The state of the batteries that are durable enough to be relied upon by persons who are busy working or nowhere and sometimes do not have time for their smartphones carging except at night.

If viewed from a very complete feature, often many people who use the BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone Type. Do you belong to one of them?



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