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Oppo R5 – Thinnest Phone with Sadis Performance – As a name to be reckoned with in the smartphone world, Oppo little by little makes the attention of gadget enthusiasts switch to the product. One of the newest tricks is to introduce the latest retainer, the Oppo R5 which holds the title as the slimmest and slimmest phone in the world . With a thickness of only 4.85mm, R5 managed to come out as the slimmest phone ever, even this phone is thinner than the headphone jack.

R5 has provoked a huge reaction for gadget enthusiasts around the world thanks to the surprising innovations of the Oppo manufacturer. Even when juxtaposed with competitors who also claimed as the slimmest device on the market, like the iPhone 6, R5 precisely memecundangi iPhone 6 design that ultimately actually make this Apple’s hero look very fat. R5 looks so solid and gives the impression that the device is like being carved from a piece of solid metal and glass as well as a small component powered in it. Oppo R5 increasingly reinforced with the presence of 5.2-inch screen that brought AMOLED panel that is able to produce sharp colors. Panel screen itself is capable of producing a resolution of 1920 × 1080 with a pixel density of 423 ppi. In practice, these screens tend to be slightly less sharp than others with the same resolution. For performance, the R5 is equipped with an octal-core Snapdragon processor which is also supported directly by 2GB of RAM. With this embedded processor, R5 does not slow down the performance of the Color OS that takes its base from Android.

Oppo r5

Oppo r5 new review

Oppo R5 Review
Unfortunately, this device only comes with 16GB of internal storage media without being attended with an external memory slot that is already commonly installed on some similar devices. Lack of R5 is also visible from the carrying capacity of the battery, with a giant performance, R5 is only equipped with 2000 mAh battery which will certainly make you diligent enough to charge this device as often as possible. Each device does have a weakness, but from all the weaknesses of this device, Oppo R5 is still feasible to have.



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