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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – The Curved Screen Performance – If you’re looking for a phone with a sexy and different look, then Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the answer you’re looking for. In fact, you couldjJ say this is the most beautiful phone ever made in the world. This makes the Samsung manufacturer has its own standards and distinguishes it from its toughest competitor from Apple who always carries the same look for a safe way to survive.

The main feature of this phone is of course the curved screen. This really makes Galaxy S6 Edge very unique. This makes Samsung managed to get out of the alleged “iPhone” clone that had allegedly for several generations of Galaxy S and even addressed to the Galaxy S6. Galaxy S6 Edge is not just about looks, this device has a 16-megapixel camera, supported also with Exynos octa-core processor that is faster than other devices that ever exist in the market today. Samsung has risen almost every core part of the phone makes it even better. All of these improvements come at a reasonable price, and we are not just talking about price alone, but this time Samsung just made a mistake by eliminating the favorite features of its fans, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge remove the microSD card slot and removable battery. This device is not waterproof like Samsung Galaxy S5 and has a smaller battery capacity.

Reviews Samsung S6 Edge
Still, what concerns this device is its success packing a 5.1-inch screen into a body no larger than a 4.7 inch phone. That means you can easily reach all screen areas, even with normal hand sizes. The buttons on the Galaxy S6 Edge are also set up very smart with the right location. Their location is perfect with a Power button located a few inches from the top right edge, while the volume buttons are perched on the left a bit higher.

It’s easy to overlook the Galaxy S6 Edge as a phone that has a unique design, but it is one of the phones that has one of the best cameras on the market today. Aimed at Power users, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the best choice you can get right now in the market.



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