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Samsung Galaxy S6 – The Primadonna of All Smartphones – Known as the king of Android smartphones, Samsung has always managed to create a product that is always eagerly awaited. One product that has long awaited its presence is Samsung Galaxy S6.Sebagai one of the successor of the previous generation, Galaxy S6 actually appear more fresh and fresh and did not continue or make updates from the S5 series. This is why this S6 project was once called the zero project.

If previous generations carry the body of imitation metal, for this Galaxy S6, Samsung rely on Gorilla Glass colored surrounded by aluminum options. Galaxy S6 is offered with several color choices, such as White Pearl, Black Sapphire and Platinum Gold Topaz Blue is also very charming. This phone feels very light when in the grip, and very comfortable when operated with one hand. Samsung Galaxy S6 equipped with a screen of 5.1 inches resolution 2560 x 1440 which offers sharp and amazing images filled with many bright colors. Even every color of the 1080p resolution video you play, the colors shown will be completely original and comfortable. The real power is hidden behind the beautiful body. Galaxy S6 equipped with Samsung Exynos Octa-core processor CPU and 3GB RAM, Galaxy S6 fast enough to handle every task that we burden to this device. Even when used to play 3D games, Galaxy S6 shows its speed.

Samsung Galaxy S6 specification
Other strengths can be found on the side of the camera. The Galaxy S6 brings the ultimate 16MP camera that can even beat the camera results from the iPhone 6. On the front side of the camera, the Galaxy S6 brings a powerful 5MP front camera that can take sharp, colorful and clean images even when you take a picture under a neon though. Galaxy S6 leads the best smartphone market in its class with powerful processor and perfect camera makes this device ideal for Power users who want flexibility and strength in one package. If you are willing to spend more for a powerful device, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the right choice.



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