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Xiaomi Mi Band, Integrated Health Bracelet to Smartphone – Xiaomi is another Chinese technology vendor from another. When many people think that Chinese products have poor quality, Xiaomi is present and offers some very satisfying quality products. almost every product offered by this brand is in great demand even its sales figures can surpass many other technology brands. The reason is because Xiaomi products have very good quality but with a much more affordable price range. In addition to smartphones, Xiaomi now also launched a very unique complementary products, one of which is Xiaomi Mi Band.

This is actually a step or strategy that is a bit against the flow because the majority of others are competing to create and market smartwatch, a company based in China is actually making bracelets. Xiaomi Mi Band is a health bracelet made to complement the health applications contained in Google Play, primarily using Android Wear. Since it was first released in mid-2014, until now millions of units have been successfully sold and it shows how this product is accepted and favored by Android-based smartphone users. Even. This product had a record sales for Xiaomi, which is a number of 100 thousand units in just one day.

Xiaomi Mi Band health bracelet
Some of the features that can be found on Xiaomi Mi Band products include:

Sleep Tracker
This is a feature similar to that of similar products. This feature in addition to measuring the duration of sleep can also observe the level of darkness as well as how many times the user awakens during sleep.

Recorder distance and step
This feature will help record the distance and number of steps taken by the user and comes with the duration of activity as well as the number of calories burned.

This is a standard feature but can be set to make three alarm times.

Unlock feature
When Xiaomi Mi Band has integrated with smartphone, then you no longer need to use a complicated password to open access your smartphone because it can be done with just one swipe. When trying to access your smartphone, then he will be asked for a password and a health bracelet that you wear will give a vibration as a notification.



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