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Blackberry 8520 LCd hang white

4453 Views – Perhaps you too have experienced problems like this, if you have ever experienced technician course, there happens to be a client that will replace the LCD, and by chance you do not have a blackberry 8520 series Lcd same, so if you plug in the LCD Lcd Blackberry 8520 white blank white-owned Client you only have / not remove the image.

the solution is, you have to reset Lcd blackberry 8520, but it is better you first backup the existing data on the BlackBerry 8520 using the Blackberry Desktop software before you perform a reset Lcd, so as not to lose the data that the BlackBerry 8520.

lcd blank putih

auto reset lcd

Because after you reset your blackberry lcd automatically issued blackberry image loading and then error 503, so you have to re-use instalador rapido flasing, but remember! Take the first reset Lcd first, the second and then Reinstall Os Blackberry 8520, because if you post a new lcd and before reset your Lcd reinstall Blackberry Os, Lcd you will automatically be damaged, after you do the flashing before reset lcd blackberry blackberry 8520 will restart automatically continue / restart blackberry loading would live longer and rivals, and you should do the replacement Lcd blackberry 8520 again, so remember do not let you do reinstall Os before you reset blackberry 8520 blackberry 8520 lcd you, because otherwise you will replace twice Lcd.

For users of Blackberry 8520, Blackberry 8520 Lcd if you are broke and you want to replace it, but the LCD would you change its series is not the same as your Lcd broken, please download the following first : Auto Reset Lcd 8520.

And to reinstall your Blackberry Os please download at the following link: Instalador Rapido 8520.

Your 8520 users, can use the method / solution on top to fix blackberry 8520 lcd you are issued a picture, but the picture vibrate / shake, so bad in the eyes, you can fix it in this way as well, perform corrective procedures are also the same. Okay good luck good luck.

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