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Complete How to Fix Android Forgot Pattern How to improve Android Phone Forget Pattern, now has at present a very useful application for Android forgot fix pattern, most likely a lot of Android users which enable the pattern for the safety of his cell phone, but there is a friend who borrowed it and do not know the pattern of the android phone and continue to pave pattern even though he did not know how the pattern that should be used, so that the phone is locked by the pattern forever experiencing what if we do not fix it .

To solve the problem you experienced on your android phone is, that you have to do hard reset Via Hardware by pressing Power + Volume Up + Home, but there is also the android phone can not use the way but you have to fix it using the application will we present in more detail below.

If you have an Android phone and can not forget the pattern directly on a hard reset Via hardware, you can fix it using Application SuperADBTool, to get the Application Please download at the link below.

Here Link Download: SuperADBTool

How to Download SuperADBTool after you‘ve taken to the download link above, here is a screenshot of how to download.


How to download SuperADBTool

How to use the application SuperADBTool

Okay we‘ll show you how to use this app to improve your Android phone Forgot pattern / too many enter the pattern, you need to take note is very important for you really learn.

1. You have to possession of a PC / Laptop / Computer.
2. prepare a USB cable, which you will use to connect your Android phone to your PC.
3. namely to Download SuperADBTool and prepare the application you will use to improve your Android phone forgot pattern.
4. Open Frimware SuperADBTool to continue the improvement of Android you forget the pattern, and then open the following SuperADBTool Exe Application screenshot SuperADBTool.



frimware ADBToll

5. Connect your Android phone to the PC via USB cable, then after your android sedah connect to a PC, and you have opened the application SuperADBTool then click Reboot Menulike the following screenshot.

gunakan SuperADBTool

How to to use SuperADBTool

6. After you‘ve click Reboot Menu, then you click Recovery, wait a few seconds to process selasai, beriku example screenshot.


click Recovery

7. after the process is complete you will be issued automatically Android options menu hard reset / reset Facktory, please proceed to hard reset using the Volume down button to scroll and the Volume Up / power to continue following a hard reset screenshot examples to facilitate you perform a hard reset so you understand.

You‘ve finished doing a hard reset and previous Android phone you can not use because of the problems forget your pattern can now be used again, good luck good luck, if you have any questions please leave your comment below.




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