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Complete Tutorial Install Firmware Oppo Mobile phones How to complete the install Firmware Oppo, for you are the owner of Mobile Oppo are experiencing problems on the software here we will provide instructions to install / upgrade Mobile Oppo.
The characteristics of the Oppo problematic problems in the software, you Oppo loading slow or longer to open the menu / application, and Oppo you after you turn it on by pressing the Power button only exit Logo Oppo only / can not further open the menu, so you do not Oppo can you Opration.
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Oppo product is very very easy for users Oppo to install / upgrade software without using Box, simply use the SD Card Brand VGen course you can fix the problematic software on your Oppo Mobile, easy right?

Install / Upgrade Oppo will remove all the contents of the existing data on your Mobile Oppo, therefore, if you are still alive & Oppo still open the menu, there is a good idea to backup important data on your Oppo first.

The Complete Guide To Install Firmware Oppo
1. Please download the appropriate firmware Type your Oppo in the following link: Firmware Oppo

2. Prepare Memory Card / SD Card which has Brand VGen, Oppo did not want to SD Card Brand origin so you should really prepare SD Card Brand VGen.3. After you‘ve finished your Oppo Firmware Download, Now you have to make sure that you Oppo battery there are still 50% upwards rather than not, because Oppo firmware install process requires considerable battery.

4. Now copy & paste Firmware with .zip format which has been completed you downloaded earlier to the SD Card Brand VGen in the main page of the SD Card so that you easily find it later.

5. Turn off your Oppo by pressing the Power button, and then you press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until you are in the bottom left corner to bring out the writing Recovery Mode, after exit Recovery Mode you please release the Power / Volume Up.

6. There you will be taken to PopUp Language options, and simply pick the English language by pressing the power button / option below and above the volume buttons Up / Down, not Chinese future can make you confused. buy mobile phones


install / upgrade oppo

the first guide to install oppo


7. Once in Popup Next please select Wipe data and cache by pressing the power button / option below and above the volume buttons Up / Down, simply pick the next Popup back cache wipe your data so that the process is faster.

wipe data

guide install Oppo two

wipe data and cache oppo

wipe data and cache

8. Once you‘ve finished Wipe cache the data and automatically you will be brought to the previous Popup, then you select Install form sd, then you two choices of which form the form of mobile phone storage & SD, because you had to save it in SD Card Firmware Brand V -Gen, then you should choose the Form SD, Well automatic Firmware Oppo with your .zip format that you copied in the SD card VGen had seen there, and please click on by pressing the power button / option below and above the volume buttons Up / down, click Yes to continue the install by pressing the power button / option below and above the volume buttons up / down, wait porses install / upgrade to complete and your Oppo ask you to re-Reboot your Oppo.

wipe data

guide install Oppo thre

install oppo form sd

Form SD

pilih firmware oppo

select firmware format .zip that  you have moved to SD Card

install firmware oppo

Process install Firmware Oppo

The process of installing / Uppgrde Oppo has been completed, Oppo Mobile now you can use right again. mobile phones for sale

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