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How to Backup & Restore Contact BBM Asiafone AF-9880 Tips Backup & Restore Contacts BBM contact phone telephone data available on Android Asiafone AF9880, this time we will give you tips on how to complete or to secure a Chinese Android phone data Do you before deletion of data, so you do not lose important data especially BBM contact telephone contacts and sms important that you store in the phone or the phone memory.

So the way you back up the data Asiafone AF9880 prior to removal / hard reset you will not lose important data or your contacts, after you perform automatic backups of your data is stored in the memory card of your phone and you can restore back / you back again as previously.

How to hard reset AF-9880

Here’s how to complete that you should follow to secure your data is Android China before performing hard reset.

1. Open your phone AF9880, and then select click Backup and Restore‘ on the menu, as shown below.


backup af-9880 1 1

step backup af-9880 one

2. Select click personal datato continue the backup, such as the example image below.

backup 2 af9880

backup two

3. The third step please select the data that will check your backups, what would you backup contacts only just, if only contact just click the checkbox Contact’, but if you are going to backup all data content then you select the checkbox Select all like the picture shown below.

af9880 backup 3


4. please give the name of your backup data so that you will not be confused when you want kemblaikan, or the name of an existing / default is not to edit / change does not matter as long as you do not forget the time meu restore / restore the data later. The following is an example of the drawing.

backup 4

backup next 4

5. backup your data has been processed, please wait until the backup is complete.

backup 5

 backup  5

6. When the backup process is complete teleh automatically by itself will come out of your backup successfully popup as shown below.

pencadangan selesai

af-9880 finish

Data backup process is over it is time you do a hard reset AF9880 click here if you can not perform a hard reset.

1. and after completing the hard reset and backup, it is time you do a Restore Data / restore backup data you have before, please click restore’ is still in the Backup and Restorefollowing the example of the drawing.


proses restore data

process restore af-9880

2. The next you select the data that you click the last backup to continue the return data. Here’s an example picture.

pilih data

select data to restore

3. then select the data that you will check back, if you want to return all please you select the checkbox Select alland then select click ‘Restore’ as shown below.


click restore

4. To continue the process of returning the data please click on OK’ as shown below.

proses restore

process restore to finishi

5. silahkan anda tunggu hingga proses pengembalian data anda selesai.

proses berlaNGsung

please wait process finish

6. after the data restore process is complete, please bell OK’ again to end.

berhasil restore af-9880

restore finish

Okay all the above process has been completed, then the data your phone has returned to normal. and none of your contacts are lost during the restore process runs smoothly. good luck!



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