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How to complete Wipe Data Blackberry How to cope with ever-out blackberry hourglass or loading time, when we want to use the app, let alone want to operate the application, while to open the menu and application Just take a long time.

Is there a solution to this problem? certainly there, that is the way wipe data or applications if necessary to remove all the contents in the memory card, but first you need to backup or backing up your data first so that you do not lose important contacts or pictures.

The way that we publish will also be able to use, when you buy blackberry phones second or a new, automatic nah Blackberry email ID that is used instead of your own email, but email the person who previously had the blackberry, so automatically you do not know the password of emails belonging to people who previously had a blackberry you buy.

So it would be good and amanya you can create a new email using Gmail or Yahoo, and create a new BlackBerry ID not have anyone, so a BlackBerry ID to log out when you know the password of email blackberry ID that you have created, but before you create a new BlackBerry ID you should do the wipe data in a way that will be given below, then you can open up new appworld and create a new ID account.

Okay just to step Wipe / wiping of data  blackberry.

1. Open your blackberry menu, then go to Options / settings, such as the following example.

blackberry option

opsi blackberry

click option blackberry

2. Then you find the ‘Securityto continue the process of data wipe blackberry, following the example screenshot.

Keamanan Blackberry

click scurity Blackberry

3. After you open the ‘Security’ then you open it again Removal of Securityas the following example.

PEngahapusan Blackberry

click removed scurity Blackberry

4. You will be taken to a page of data wipe blackberry, and you have to choose and check whether you are going to wipe emailvalve applications or mediaalso, if yes all you bersihka will tick all that email only will you wipe berlu not in check again, the following example.

centang email blackberry

select & click

5. to continue wipe data, you are in need to enter Blackberry’ In the column there, and to menganjutkan wipe / deletion click remove after entering Blackberry letter in the space provided, the following examples.

Klik hapus data blackberry

Blackberry & click remove

Blackberry you are doing the removal process, wait for approximately 30minutes to your Blackberry back to life again by itself. good luck.

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