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Samusng GT-N7000 eMMC File Tested – It’s been almost 2 months never to visit Wesite itself and so there’s no activity for 2 months here, most of the sharing on Group Facebook Website itself forgotten never updated, And starting today we will start updating the article again so that the visitors do not tired of seeing eMMC file hedeh just that-that’s it, actually already a lot of eMMC files that we have saved in Hosting passengers next door neighbor, just not yet we had time to post all, insyallah from now on we will be more active in the website than in social media , essentially sharing the same but I think it is totally wrong if sharing in social media, because we own a private place that we make a special to share. 😀

Okay we continue, do not need much vent, here we will share eMMC Files for Samsung Note 1 GT-N7000, this file is tested userarea 512mb backup only, without repair baseband again, once pairs directly okay as long as the installation and eMMC is okay too emmc legs that are in need also secure controlled, live you write pairs and then enter the advanced mode of flashing, after life there will be default imei that is 0049XXXXXX and you have to repair imei original using Z3X, actually imei 0049 can already be used for the phone but usually that we’ve ever experienced, can not be used for internet, so essentially you have to repair imei Samsung Note 1 GT-N7000 you become 35XXX so smoothly everything.

Samusng GT-N7000 eMMC Files stay Imei Repair

direct emmc Samusng GT-N7000

Samusng GT-N7000 eMMC File Tested

Size File:

Extcsd: 128kb

Userarea: 512mb

boot1: 512kb

boot2: 512kb

For eMMC file please download first at the following link: Samusng GT-N7000 eMMC File Tested

Please download and then load the eMMC file via UFI BOX as usual, Extcsd userarea boot1 boot2, then click write plug, try before do write file eMMC get used Upade Fw plus Facktoyr erase for eMMC more fresh when in smart report no error, and in pairs without hesitate again, and do not forget here we all share all paced free, although the eMMC file that we share above us with RAR password protection, to get the password please you download all the passwords for links we have presented above, so what files eMMC above us with password protection? so that not just anyone take it without our permission, and do not forget if done may share fortune with orphans or your nearest orphan, so everything becomes a blessing.


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This is how our air-charity, by sharing knowledge as our profession today, that is what we share / publish here. . . because our technicians, we know about mobile solutions and we do not want to save the science itself, because everything on this earth belongs to Allah alone, including science. God has the right to take all that we have, therefore our faith, the blessing would side with orng who loves to share his knowledge and without the slightest hide.

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