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Price Connector Headset Asha 210

3554 Views this time will share price Asha 210 Headset Connector, if you buy a headset connector asha 210 must not buy, you must equate his first connector is identical to the headset connector

the original, so that the headset connector completely identical to the real thing you can directly buy it.

Mangapa we give advice as above? because the headset connector Asha 210 is different from other Nokia phone headset connector, headset connector 210 because it has a different end, the following is an example of a headset connector 210.

connector headset Nokia

Connector Headset Asha 210

connector headset phone

Connector Headset asha 210/300

Maha 210 Headset Connector Price: 15,000
Cheap 210 Headset Connector Price: 10,000

price we argued above does not include the cost of pairs of technicians, if you can replace it yourself, silahkana your own change, and if you can not replace yourself please use the services of a technician.

Equation Asha 210 Headset Connector
Asha 210 Headset Connector have similarities, but not much else sepakaian with type Nokia Asha 210 has only one equation Connector headset course, the equation is Asha 300.

Asha 210/300 headset connector has no shortage of, for example, you buy a new, and you replace the defective headset connector with a new one you buy 100% Working.


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