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Price Ic Power Blackberry 9220


Currently the price Ic power 9220 still has a heavy price, not only in Lampung just maybe even in jakarta roxymas also the same, still reached the price of hundreds of thousands, no matter the price reaches ratussan thousandNice essential goods, once directly lived in pairs mobile phone, if it troubled her ic.

For the friends, we will provide information about Hargi Ic power Blackberry 9220, following the price list.

Price IC Power Blackberry 9320/9220: 100,000 / $8.00

This blackberry power ic you can use also in blackberry 9220 9320 9360 and still many others.

ic power 9360

IC power Blackberry 9220

ic power 9320

Ic Power Blackberry 9360

For those of you who want to buy power ic blackberry 9320 or 9320 try to check in advance if you make a purchase with an offline way, if the power ic completely new automatic power Ic legs look nice neat / clear, if ic power that you will buy, foot ic power, it looks bleak or Buluk, automatic power ic is not new but reproductions ic, so you try to make a purchase by way of offline only, so you can see directly the power ic, ic power is really new or used.
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