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Price Lcd Blackberry Q10

2298 Views – Price Lcd Touchscreen Blackberry Q10 plus, this time we will share information Blackberry Q10 LCD prices, so do not buy Lcd expensiveness at a lower price than we would Publish here, it helps you see the price list in advance here, so buy Lcd Blackberry Q10 not to mahalan, if it is not possible to cheap, where there are traders do not want profit, would want dong, although it may end a few traders would want a tip.

Price Lcd touchscreen blackberry Q10 plus black and white, so you have to buy all the same Lcd Touchscreen install it so good, the current price of blackberry Q10 Plus Touchscreen Lcd still have a market price which is quite expensive, more than five hundred thousand dollars, the fair also because the phone is its price too expensive, it would not hurt to spend that much.

lcd q10

Lcd blackberry q10 baru

Price Lcd Touchscreen Blackberry Q10 plus black color: 600.000 / $50.00
Price Lcd Touchscreen Blackberry Q10 plus white: Rp.650.000 / $55.00
Between black and white has a considerable margin to buy Lcd Nokia X2-01, in the Speaker Lcd there is already a rear camera, so we can just stay put new Speaker bonus, for those of you who do not know how to post Lcd blackberry Q10 / yet can I open casing Blackberry Q10 please you learn in Q10 How to Remove and replace LCD casingHave you studied carefully before removing the casing and replace Lcd Q10.

If you broke Lcd Blackberry Q10, you should know your Blackberry bahwasannya Q10 can not just change its course and Touchscreen Lcd its course, so for example you just broke Q10 Blackberry Touchscreen course, still have to be changed Lcd Touchscreen plus, because of what? Karen Lcd Q10 very thin also very sticky with Touchscreen if you could remove his Lcd Touchscreen Q10 and do not break, be the one we learn with you, since in addition to thin between Lcd touchscreen plus attached very strong, I also use the Double Tip confused as to what it is, so it helps if you say it with Client technicians who want to change or Touchscreen Lcd must replace his twotwo, can say Lcd Full set there, Touchscreen there, Speaker also there, so just stay put.


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